Q. Is it cheaper to order more than one?

  1. A.Yes, shipping only goes up about $1 per extra game.

Q. Can I get replacement game parts if I loose a piece?

A. Yes, I will replace a lost or damaged game part at no cost. You will need to email me a brief story and photo of the disaster that befell your game.

  1. Q.My game got wet on our canoe trip, burned when I tried to dry it by the campfire, my dog ate the playing pieces after the box got hit by lightening. Can I get a replacement game?

  2. A.Yes, I can send you a replacement game and you will only need to pay the wholesale cost.  If you need a replacement           game box as well, the usual flat rate for shipping will apply. You will need to provide a detailed account of what happened and a photo of the sad state of your game to convince me of the validity of your claim.

  1. Q.I’m thinking of taking a Boreal River ice rescue or river rescue course and heard there is a discount card in each game. Is it cheaper to buy the game just to get the discount card for the course?

  2. A.Yes you save money by buying the game before your course to get the discount card. Excellent strategizing, you’ll do well in the game and at your course.

Q. Where is the game made?

  1. A.In Canada, some game parts from the US.

  1. Q.Why do you need my phone number for international orders.

A. Paypal requires a phone number for international orders.

  1. Q.What are the playing pieces made out of?

  2. A.The playing pieces are cut out of offcuts leftover from the production of TFormex canoes at the Esquif factory. The cool little boat stickers are then carefully applied.

  1. Q.Can I get a signed copy?

  2. A.My artist signature is on the cover, but if you want a box to be personalized, email me (immediately upon ordering) the message you would like written on the side of the box.

  1. Q.When will I receive my game.

A. I print, cut and assemble the games in small runs, so it may take a couple weeks if I don’t have stock on hand.