Paul Mason

Certified Instructor and Patron

Canoe course


Canoe course


How to sign up for a course with Paul Mason:

  1. 1.Read a bit about the different moving water levels available.

  2. 2.Email me with an inquiry that includes when you’d like a course and where you are located.

  3. 3.I will send you dates available and cost information.

  4. 4.When we have set a date, you may choose to pay a deposit by cheque or paypal.

Paul Mason

Cartoonist, canoeist and little kid in the bow of the canoe in the "Path of the Paddle" films and book. The experiences garnered from being in the Path of the Paddle films and later, co-writing the instructional canoeing book Thrill of the Paddle have a great influence on our the production of these Paddle Pointers. Combine that with my cartoonist viewpoint and the results can be spectacular.

What else am I up to? for everything artwork related, for a really cool self massage device. I’m currently a patron of Paddle Canada and offer moving water tandem or solo instructional canoeing courses.