“Wait! I can’t try another roll, there’s still water in my canoe.”

During an evening session, Tracy provided the most creative reason i’ve ever heard to avoid rolling practice in the chilly spring water. Thanks for the inspiration for a cartoon. Tracy

Happy clients...

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Geoff Mitchell
 2018
I have had 3 group sessions over several years with Paul. They each have been well worth it. After each session I have come away with some clear things to work on as well as the inspiration of seeing Paul's paddling control and efficiency. From the early sessions as a newbie - whatever the competency I was working at each time - Paul was able to quickly assess and target which skills to I needed to improve. I was impressed how Paul gives level appropriate individualized pointers/advice in the group lessons. Also the no stress /have fun attitude and dry humour were appreciated (especially for someone like me still working things out in moving water ..) These courses have had a big impact on my enjoyment of paddling. Definitely recommend!

A “complete paddler” course participant said:

thx Paul.

 I have been practicing my rolling.  Getting up in flat water (1 out of 3) but not in running water yet. 

 Also I now concentrate on every little success instead of the spills and I am a much happier solo canoist.

 You have made a great difference in how I paddle, thank you for that.


Our day on the water was awesome and very educational. We had fun and everyone was super stoked for each new feature on the river. 

Paul was a great ambassador for the respect the river deserved. We felt safe and secure as we went into each area of the river.”


One day, tandem skills course

A thrilling ride and feeling of achievement at the end the day.

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