Solo Creeking skills Canoe Course
With Paul Mason

Equipment: Bring your own canoe, paddle, pfd, helmet, elbow pads throwbag and personal gear including lunch and water.

What to expect: Paddling related activities from 9:30am to 4pm.  Flexible to meet your schedule, needs and weather conditions.

Minimum 2 participants, max. 5 participants

Cost: $210 per day per person. See additional info. in FAQS, for discounts. Please read the waiver in advance of signing it at the course.

Full day course info.

Introduction to Creeking Skills.

Are you a intermediate solo whitewater paddler wondering if it would be fun to try “creeking” on smaller rivers? The answer is yes, creeking is fun! This course will introduce you to the strokes, skills and techniques for open canoe creeking.

Although a plastic boat is really more suitable for actual creeking, you can learn and practice the skills during this course in a royalex boat.