Tech. tips - Gear

Boats #1, It’s all in your mind

We’ve often said this in regards to whether you can run a difficult rapid or make a challenging move, (more on that later). But it seems to also relate to canoe colour. I got my hands on a red Esquif Spark and although it is identical to the brown camo version... I go faster in it. I’ve always said red canoes are better and this proves it!

Boats #2, New tandem Boat

Got a chance to paddle a Esquif Nitro... tandem! Pretty sweet ride, very quick, responsive. Perfect for two smaller and lighter paddlers like my daughter Willa and I. I'm not sure if it's overall speed is slower than a Esquif Blast.. it felt fast due to the Nitro's long water line. Did a few moves in it with Dave Proulx, but I think we were pushing the optimum weight limit. The boat was set up tandem at the factory, with a few other tweaks. You can check out a short video clip here:  Paul in a Nitro! - YouTube