Instructional Videos

Solo Canoeing Videos

Front surfing

A few technique pointers can save you weeks of gnawing on your paddle in frustration.

Portaging a canoe

You can do it the hard way, or the harder way.

Boofing part1

How to learn to boof in an open canoe... the boof ramp!

Ain’t Louiefest

This is what and where it is... don’t miss it!

Airbags tips and tricks

Tips, tricks and on the river repairs.

Slingshot-solo canoe

Use this technique to catch a free ride.

Ode to the L’Edge

Johno's music video about the L'Edge

Been There?

Canoeing music video featuring a ton of rivers and canoeists!

Foam boat course

This mini whitewater course is really cool!

It’s a werner paddle

Well we haven't broken a Werner paddle yet...

The attributes of the Esquif l'edge demonstrated on the moose river.

The Esquif L’edge

The Skinoe

This invention is cool, and it works!

Foam boat results!

The event was, electrifiying.

Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing DVD by Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan

View trailer

Hog's Back Falls

Instead of Christmas shopping

we boated...

Theracane testimonial

Why believe me, listen to these guys.

How a werner paddle is made...

Bill Mason’s Path of the Paddle

where it all began...

Rock 360

A practical skill that is also good for showing off.

Rudder challenge

Compare the two videos to find three differences.

Surfing Rudder Stroke

Easiest looking stroke, hardest to do well.

Open Canoe Roll

The “new” technique that makes rolling an open canoe so much more attainable

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