Instructional Videos

Tandem Canoeing Videos

2012 Slalom nationals

There may be a reason why good paddlers paddle slalom...

Eddy turns

The easy way to learn to do eddy turns.

Tandem back ferry

Step-by-step instructions save you hours of frustration.

Tandem Basic

Getting in, j-stroke and ice cream!

Esquif factory tour

How canoes are molded and who is Esquif

Transporting a canoe

There are lots of wrong ways to tie on a canoe. We show the right way.

Packing a canoe

How to not bring the kitchen sink!  Music by Ian Tamblyn

Tandem essentials

Tandem pivot strokes and sideslipping.

2012 Waterwalker film festival winner!


Learn simple technique for turning your canoe. Basis for eddy turn.

Shuttles explained.

Paddling is easy... getting there is the hard part!

Bill Mason’s Path of the Paddle

Yes. that’s me in the bow... a while ago.

Hogsback tandem!

Johno and Paul with a mostly great run...

One trip portage

How to portage your gear and canoe in one trip, by yourself.