Course List

Paul Mason next to car with canoe on its roof

Tandem Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced Moving Water, 1 or 2 Day Course

We begin the day with the basics: carving with MITH, pivots and sideslips. Progress to fun manoeuvres in current (eddy turns), and basic safety for rivers. 

Intermediate courses start with a review of the basics,then progress to carving eddy turns and ferries using the current to make moves easier. 

Advanced courses review tandem intermediate whitewater skills before moving on to  the back ferry, surfing, righting pry, boat scouting and when to back ferry vs when not to. Optional Paddle Canada certification available. 

Special Course
Kid’s Tandem Moving Water Canoe Course  1 Day

Canoeing with your kids is one of the best adventures you can enjoy. Teaching your own kids how to paddle can be the most unenjoyable experience, for both of you. Tutelage under a non-family instructor will result in the child owning the success their canoeing manouvers.

In this course we’ll paddle, practice safety and rescue techniques through canoe games, and enjoy fun swims in current . Adult participants can expect to learn basic canoeing skills while in their kid support role.

Location: Ottawa River, Beachburg Ont.

Solo Introduction, Intermediate or advanced Moving Water, 1 or 2 Day Course

Learn to control your white water solo boat by carving using 2×4. Progress from simple manoeuvres to fun challenging skills in moving water. Learning is fun and I strive to make sure you get the most of both out of your day!

Intermediate courses review the carving principles, progressing to skills that make paddling easier such as using troughs. 

Advanced sessions review skills and techniques to control your solo open canoe. Explore the magic of “SHARC” to utilize the force of the current and include precise coaching to elevate your paddling skills to a new level.

Solo or tandem Instructor Courses, introduction, intermediate or advanced 

Intro. instructor 4 day course. This course prepares you to be able confidently instruct Introduction level skills courses. Encompassing theory sessions, practice teaching and group dynamics in an outdoor setting. You will be required to create and submit lesson plans, teach several topics and display intermediate tandem canoeing skills.

Intermediate or advanced instructor course reviews theory, practice teaching and group dynamics. Advanced  moving water canoeing skills required.

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