“Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT workshop, and few other things.  I really appreciated how you made Isaiah feel just as much a part of the group and as important despite his being “just a kid.”  And the extra lengths you went to to make him feel comfortable, and encourage him.  He LOVED it !  And I learned new things and brushed up on rusty things and had a blast too. deserve it.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn under your tutelage and I hope Isaiah and I both have the pleasure again.” 


Took Paul’s intro and intermediate tandem WW courses and they were fantastic. Paul’s a skilled, earnest and fun instructor. Look forward to doing more training with him; thanks Paul!

John Glennie

After a day of Solo open canoe playboat instruction Geoff said…
I wanted to say thanks again for the instruction this past Saturday at Valleyfield. 

It was a very valuable experience for me and, I know, for all of us. We all came away talking about different important things to work on. I really appreciated how you accommodated our varying levels. You have given me things to work on – for years probably – to improve. I greatly appreciate how clear and well-demonstrated your instruction was. 

Geoff (the ‘used’ detonator)

Paul Mason elevates white-water canoeing into an artform.

Phil Yaghi

Five canoeists in helmets and life-jackets side-by-side in multi-coloured canoes

I have had 3 group sessions over several years with Paul. They each have been well worth it. After each session I have come away with some clear things to work on as well as the inspiration of seeing Paul’s paddling control and efficiency. From the early sessions as a newbie – whatever the competency I was working at each time – Paul was able to quickly assess and target which skills to I needed to improve. I was impressed how Paul gives level appropriate individualized pointers/advice in the group lessons. Also the no stress /have fun attitude and dry humor were appreciated (especially for someone like me still working things out in moving water ..) These courses have had a big impact on my enjoyment of paddling. Definitely recommend!

Geoff Mitchell

I have really enjoyed taking a course with Paul and not only because he his knowledgeable and passionate about canoeing, but also because he is a great teacher and he is fun to be and paddle with. I’m looking forward for subscribing on another course!

Maxime Girard

Our day on the water was awesome and very educational. We had fun and everyone was super stoked for each new feature on the river. 

Paul was a great ambassador for the respect the river deserved. We felt safe and secure as we went into each area of the river.”


We booked Paul for the weekend to give instruction to our Scout troop – everyone had a great time and learned a lot. Paul has a great rapport with the kids. We’d definitely like to do it again next year!

Paul offers friendly and personalized instruction through small class size on great venues/rivers. Despite having some, albeit limited, experience with the skills being offered in Paul’s intro creeking course, there were many tips and tricks I learned that would’ve taken me another decade (at least!) to figure out on my own. I am extremely grateful for his willingness to share his knowledge on a river that happened to be close by. I look forward to future sessions.

Jon Norman

Paul is an excellent instructor. He’s an inviting, supportive, fun, and experienced paddler. I’ve taken a handful of courses with him and intend to continue learning from him going forward.

Matthew Brett